About Burgeon Industry

Burgeon Industries is a sister concern of Burgeon Verticles. Burgeon Industries entered in this business by knowing that ‘retail’ is the best future of Indian industry. The vision of Burgeon is ‘Creating Entrepreneurs’. Based on this vision ‘tekit’ is an unique idea developed by Burgeon.

Burgeon is confident to create a lot of Entrepreneurs in India and abroad.

‘Creating Entrepreneurs’

To provide daily need goods of their choice to our customers at right price, near to their home.

Opening 5000 + tekit malls all over India within one year.

Opening tekit malls all over India and abroad to become one of the largest company in retail.

Chief Promoter

Bhaveshbhai alias Bhupendra Limabni

An young entrepreneur in mid thirties having penchant for growth beyond ordinary. He is an audacious visionary to think beyond the boundaries of the state and country and also beyond the conventional rate of growth.

He has a keen eye for opportunities, strong motivator and the chief driving force for this group.

He has strong compassion for entrepreneurs and encourages all to take entrepreneurial decisions and ownership.

Our Leading Team

Jagdish Patil
Group C.B.O.

Hardik Patel

Gajendra Dhatrak
General Manager

Rohan Mohite
Business Development Manager